Join in the group lessons on Skype!

Group Size: max. 6 students

Start of a new group: every 2 weeks

IELTS & TOEFL Writing Correction Service (for only 7$)

What does the Service include?

  • ►Complete evaluation of the Writing Tasks
  • ►Identifying the mistakes & suggestions to correct them
  • ►Valuable feedback & appropriate guidance for further improvements more...

Our benefits

Modern International Approach (Direct & Communicative)

Students speak through the whole class with the help of specially designed program which allows to practice all necessary skills, and to keep in mind everything said, read, heard or seen;

Real-life English

(the USA + England);

Beginners will already be able to speak confidently just in a couple of months after having started to learn English; 

Each lesson is delivered in such an organized and efficient way that students aren't overloaded with much homework;

During each class students learn at least 30 new words and expressions up-to-date for communication and business; 

A Well-Structured Program

We don't just provide you with tutors. All our teachers are trained to work according to our accurately designed program. You'll know exactly how many lessons you'll need to take to achieve your goals 

Non-stop Support

Professionalism, assistance, support and attention to each student. You can always contact our manager if you have any questions


Lessons are conducted face-to-face or in small groups (maximum class size - 6 students) both in the school or via Skype

Free Materials

All necessary learning materials (adapted to online learning and can be printed out if necessary) are included in course price;


Lessons are held in comfortable, spacious, light and air-conditioned classrooms. You can also stay where it's convenient for you and learn English on Skype


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Link to online Cambridge English Dictionary, which we recommend for class preparations. 

Our students about Los Angeles English School

Our students get access to a variety of videos for learning English

A great variety of video materials are included to the program. One half of them is taken during the class, and another half is provided for self-study.

Detailed here...

Through the course, each student individually as well as each group work with 3 teachers

Through the course, each student individually as well as each group work with 3 teachers. It makes them able to communicate with different people fluently and without any fear. 

Detailed here...

Don't be frightened of making a mistake

The most common obstacle in the way of language learning is fear to make mistakes, fear that you may be misunderstood, etc. As a result, communication gets really complicated. Teachers will surely correct you and teach you to speak accurately, but it should assist and encourage you rather than draw you back.Teachers make all possible efforts in order to help you speak English fluently and accurately and remember the new, rather than check your abilities.  

Qualities and skills that a good English teacher must have

knows the language on a professional level, constantly practises it;

knows teaching and learning methods;

is methodical, well-organised and plans well;

is continually learning and developing;

has the ability to be authoritative without being distant;

is encouraging, inspires confidence and enthusiasm;

gives clear information and proper feedback;

is impartial, honest, friendly, calm, patient, sensitive to the culture and needs of learners, respects individuality;   

neither complicates things unnecessarily nor oversimplifies. 

Do this free test to identify your level

You can also take an orall level test in the school or via Skype  for free

Learn English with a modern international program

Teaching process is realized purely in English! Don’t speak your native language to teachers. The entire method and all programs are structured in accordance to the international standards of ESL (English as a second language) teaching, which allows to exclude the use of your native language from the class, and to immerse you into English environment.The whole educational process is purely in English. Learn to communicate in English both fluently and accurately and to comprehend Americans and the English. Detailed here...

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